Become bug-free with autonomous debugging.

Using a combination of developer input, continuous feedback, and prompt engineering, CodeBrig can investigate, reproduce, and fix software bugs unsupervised.

App screenshot
App screenshot

Effortless Merge Requests

Your GitHub workflow, supercharged with automated bug fixes

Experience the future of debugging with automated bug fixes delivered directly to your repository.

  • Easy to use: Add the codebrig label to any issue needing autonomous debugging and watch CodeBrig go to work.

  • Broad language support: Most popular languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, and more, are supported.

  • Free for open-source: Enjoy free access to everything CodeBrig has to offer for all your open-source projects.

LLM-Powered Debugging

Intelligent debugging guided by breakpoints in sandbox environments

Bugs are analyzed down to their root cause with iteratively placed and validated breakpoints.

  • Spots genuine flaws: CodeBrig debugs as developers do by imitating user behavior and monitoring the results.

  • Inspects variables: Using a combination of static and dynamic analysis, bugs are localized to specific lines and variables.

  • Sandbox environments: Each debugging session is ran in a new sandbox environment to ensure reproducibility and safety.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Reliable solutions with bug reproduction and resolution tests.

Each bug fix comes with reproducible reports detailing how the bug was reproduced and resolved.

  • Hypothesis-driven approach: Before debugging, testable hypotheses are generated to guide the debugging process.

  • Reproduce then fix: Bugs are reproduced in a sandbox environment to ensure the bug is understood before any fixes are attempted.

  • Changes tested atomically: Bugs that require multiple code changes are tested piecewise to ensure each change is correct.

Domain Knowledge Capture

Custom tools capture your know-how for ongoing debugging

Create and reuse specially designed tools to improve autonomous debugging of your application.

  • Automate any task: Check external services, insert test data, or run any other debugging task with custom tools.

  • Conditional logic: Tools can be configured to run only when certain conditions are met, such as the result of other tools.

  • Empower users: Give everyone the ability to debug their issues with custom tools that automate necessary debugging tasks.

Simple Pricing

CodeBrig operates on a "bring your own LLM" bases. We charge a flat fee to facilitate debug operations which are executed on the LLM of your choice.


$15/ month per user

Autonomous debugging for closed-source projects.

  • Private Repository Access
  • Custom Tool Management
  • Discord/Slack Integration
  • 3 Users
  • Up to 3 active debug sessions
  • 60 debug operations per minute

$30/ month per user

Essential tools for scaling up your business.

  • Custom LLM Integration
  • Custom Prompt Management
  • Priority Support Channel
  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 10 active debug sessions
  • 300 debug operations per minute

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